Solicitor Trust Account External Examinations

Madden Partners provides solicitor trust account external examinations to clients across New South Wales.

Real Estate Trust Account Audits

Our firm provides specialised and professional trust account audit services to real estate agent.

SMSF Auditing

Madden Partners offers SMSF auditing to ensure optimal accuracy and validity.

Financial Audits

Madden Partners perform a range of audit services for organisations in the not-for-profit sector, as well as small to medium businesses. We also provide audit services to trust accounts.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

As part of our bookkeeping services, Madden Partners will keep your ledger in order, prepare your financial statements, and organise your tax returns.

Taxation – Tax Returns

Tax returns are our speciality –  Madden Partners are registered tax agents and chartered accountants who offer a range of services related to your taxation needs.

Accuracy and TransparencyInfinite possibilities. Endless opportunities.


Madden Partners are a team of qualified accountants and auditors providing accounting, auditing and bookkeeping services to clients located across NSW and QLD. We add a professional touch to your business’s financial record keeping needs, ensuring completeness and accuracy.

Accounting is the cornerstone of  business.  However, it is viewed by most as either tedious or complex. Madden Partners take care of the tedious and explain the complex. We use cloud accounting technology coupled with our organic accounting and bookkeeping services to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

Accounting not only shows business performance, it is also a crucial step in maximising profits. We have years of experience working with various companies, providing financial advice and guidance. We can pinpoint problems and inconsistencies, and suggest more efficient methods for managing your income, expenses and taxes.


Small business, Start-ups, Not-for-profits, Tradespeople and Real Estate Agents

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